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Laszlo Nagy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Today I also had trouble with mozilla flashplugin. It simply does not 
> work, except with linux-firefox, but then Java stops working. 
> Unfortuntely, I need to use both of them together. 

hi Laszlo,
search the archives of this list - there are several threads explaining how to 
get either linux-firefox of firefox running with both flash and java. Once 
you've read them and attempted the steps described, if you have any other 
questions / problems , please do start another thread and we'll be happy to 

> Skype does not work 
> very well with FreeBSD, only in linux compat mode etc.

net/skype is skype 1.2.8 for linux works fine - within the limitations of what 
skype had back @ the 1.2 version.

net/skype-dev is the latest linux beta from skype themselves. It works fine 
except for sound, as it supports only ALSA. Again, search the archives (I think 
either here or in multimedia@ ) for references to this.

It is hardly the freebsd community's fault that Skype / Ebay doesn't create a 
FreeBSD binary. Actually, the linux compatibility layer is one of the great 
things in FreeBSD. Of course, you may be having other issues we can't know 
about until you kindly tell us (on a separate thread pls...)

> I like the idea of having only one, consistent distribution, and having 
> a ports tree and I see other advantages of FreeBSD but I'm starting to 
> think that using it as an application server was a bad idea from my 
> part, simply because the lack of working - otherwise widely used - 
> applications.

::shrug:: each solution needs to be considered for the problem. It is, after 
all, your server, feel free to install linux or pay for MS licenses... (btw, 
have ever actually used windows file sharing over a slow link ? whatever 'ease 
of use' you *may* have gain (and i'm not sure how much of that there really is) 
will probably be lost when you consider other factors...)

> Sally... I'm sorry, it is late night here and I failed to solve 5 
> problems today. All of them could have been solved with one click on 
> Linux or even M$ Windows. :-(

yes...sometimes these things happen... but usually, for me, it's the other way 
around with MS ;)

good luck,
{Beto|Norberto|Numard} Meijome

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