Periodically I get duplicated messages in email folders I have defined and have rules set up for.

For an example, I am subscribed to the Postfix email list. I have a rule that is set as such:

Recip pattern     = postfix-users
(*)  Move (Enter folder name(s) in primary collection, or use ^T)
Folder List = /home/d.hill/mail/Postfix-Users

I am using Pine version:

  [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ pine -version
  Pine 4.64 built Thu May 24 01:51:36 UTC 2007 on

I am also using Fetchmail:

  [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ fetchmail --version
  This is fetchmail release 6.3.8+RPA+SDPS+SSL+OPIE+NLS.

to fetch messages from a remote server.

According to the latest version of Pine is 4.64.

If I remove ALL rules from Pine, I have absolutely no issues with duplicate messages.

I can actually verify the messages are duplicated. I have saved them off into files and used the <diff> command.

Does anyone know why this would be occurring? I've seen a recent post to the Postfix list about similar issues and responses are pointing to file locking issues.

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