Chandhee Thala wrote:

I'm running VLC 0.8.5 on FreeBSD 6.2.

I was under the impression that VLC ignored region-encoding when
playing DVDs, but this is apparently not the case on my BSD box.

Most of the American DVDs I try to play gets a region encoding error
and quits. I have no problems with foreign DVDs (from other

Is this standard behavior for VLC on BSD or am I doing something wrong?
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Definitely something is wrong with your VLC (probably an older version) since I can play US DVDs with VLC . In my understanding DVD standards in US a lose because of proprietary **** so you might have been just unlucky to pick the one with really strange coding.

I would strongly suggest you try MPlayer (if everything fails to play some format usually MPlayer works). I am also able to play DVDs with gxine.

I was able to play DVDs in the past with Kaffeine when I run PC-BSD for a short period of time. Since, I run Gnome I didn't bother to install Kaffeine.

I am NOT able to play DVDs with Movie Player from Gnome and I have not really tried XMPS although I have the application on my computer.

I hope this helps

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