On 2003-01-30 08:40, Chris Doherty <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> unless I'm wrong, /etc/rc.local exists specifically so you don't
> have to modify /etc/rc. /etc/rc refers to rc.local as "traditional
> (but rather obsolete)", but nowhere in my FreeBSD travels over the
> past four years have I found any suggestion of what else you're
> supposed to use.

The /etc/rc.local script was where local daemon startup was put.  With
most of the ports installed stuff, there is a foo.sh script that
accepts `start' and `stop' arguments that one can put in the
/usr/local/etc/rc.d directory.  This tends to be the preferred way of
doing things for pre RCng versions.  The 5.X version of FreeBSD uses
the new rc scripts (RCng) that live in /etc/rc.d and now there is the
new /etc/rc.d/local scripts that fits nicely with the rest of the
stuff under /etc/rc.d.

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