Very simple.
Step 1 Install Linux compatibility layer
Step 2 In your rc.conf file type linux_enable="yes"
Step 3 UNINSTALL linuxpluginwrapper-20051113_8 if you installed in the past
Step 4 Install nspluginwrapper-
Step 5 Install Flush 7 from ports
Step 6 when you type about:plugin into your Firefox it should list Flush

Flush however hangs my system so if it is a video try by snapping it with clive (you get filename.flv) and then watching it with
MPlayer or VLC.

There is also swfdec 0.5.1 released 6th of August which is supposed completely to eliminate need for Flush. I did not play much with it
but should work.
Zbigniew Komarnicki wrote:

can I ask you for help, how to set up flash in Firefox natively, step by step? I need it to see online stock market in Poland on some banking pages, for example here is a page (in Polish language), when I cannnot see the plot in flash:
Please for help.

I use FreeBSD 6.2  and my webbrowser is firefox-,1.

Thanks in advance,
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