Predrag Punosevac wrote:
Branko Vukelic wrote:
I installed the native Opera + opera linux plugins package and then
linux-flashplayer7 (or something like that, can't see for I'm at work now).
The Opera complains it can't find the plugin.

Installing linux-opera and the said plugin works just fine.

Not a problem, just thought I'd post it anyway, as a FYI.

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Of course the plug is is for linux browsers and would not work with native browsers. If you want non native plug in to work on your native browsers you must install nspluginwrapper.

However for purposes of youtube on goggle video I would recommend just snapping them with youtube-db or clive. You would get filename.flv which you can watch with MPlayer of VLC. Clive can further convert that file to something else like mpeg.

There are 5 different ways to watch youtube before you rich for Flush 7 which hangs my computer anyway so it is gone.

I would try also this

Make sure you updated your port three since it is released 6th of Avgust.


Thanks. The tips you gave me is definitely waaay more than I bargained for. :)

Thing is, I found a page in the DesktopBSD wiki that talks about making linux version of the flash plugin work with native Opera. It's here:

The relevant part of the guide is as follows:

"native Opera9 with Flash

Opera 9 supports now Linux Flashplugin, so you can just install from ports,
portinstall opera
portinstall opera-linuxplugins
portinstall linux-flashplugin"

The ports are all there and they do install, but it doesn't work. I simply installed the linux-opera and it's all fine now.

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