Branko Vukelic wrote:

My name is Branko (a.k.a. FoxBunny in some circles). Until recently I was a
Arch Linux
user, and decided to give FreeBSD a try, for a better desktop experience.
Thanks to the DesktopBSD project (BIG THANKS!) I'm now running FreeBSD on my
box (or is it proper to call DesktopBSD a FreeBSD?).

I must say I am most impressed by how all this works, from development to
final touches, to actually running and using it. I'm looking forward to
getting involved in the whole BSD scene.

Nice meeting (sort of) you all!

Best regards,


Hi Branko!

I guess it's like comparing an Alsatian [FreeBSD] to a Spaniel [DesktopBSD]: they're very different, but both are still dogs. However NetBSD is a cat and Windows is a fish.

Feel free to play with my sophisticated model of operating system development, anyone.

Maybe I shouldn't have compared FreeBSD to a dog. Whoops. Sorry all.

Adam J Richardson

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