Andrew Falanga wrote:

I was doing some research for file systems at work and came across
some semi-technical papers on a file system called elephant.  Since
this paper mentions that the designers first tried their
implementation on FreeBSD 2.2.7, I thought I'd ask here if anyone has
ever heard of this file system.  If so, is this something that is
available in FreeBSD or is this just an interesting academic exercise?
 If this isn't is use, why?  Also, if not in use, is there another
file system (by another name) that does something similar?  This file
system sounds like a great idea.

A link to get the paper I mentioned is here:


Hi Andy,

I only read the abstract but this sounds like what Google do with Gmail. Perhaps this paper is where they got the idea for it. [Did Gmail start before or after 2001? I have no idea.]

Sounds like a neat idea, as long as it doesn't become the main file system, because it definitely isn't for me. I have small hard drives and no money. Disk space is definitely a scarce resource for me. Sigh.

Adam J Richardson
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