I have a single 200GB HD that is divided in three partitions, one with
FreeBSD, another with Linux and the other with my media. The first two are
10GB, and the latter, 180GB.

The problem is that it is a ReiserFS partition, not writable from FreeBSD,
so I'll have to change it to, say, ext3, if I'm going to be able to use
xMule again. Since I can't backup the whole thing, I'll have to use another
method to "convert" it.

I'm using quotes because apparently there is no such utility that converts a
given partition to another type. Why is that so? I was thinking about the
hard links.

Since the partition has some free space and its file hierarchy is quite
simple (eg, mp3/baroque/bach/bwv82_1.mp3), wouldn't it work if I resize it
to be full, using the freed space to create a new partition, and then, until
the first one is empty, move content from it to the newly created, resizing
both so that the first one is full again?

Anybody ever tried something like that? Are there utilities that could help
out, or dangers I need to avoid?


Konrad Scorciapino
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