Bill Moran wrote:
Christopher Key <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I'm having some rather strange behaviour with fsck.

When I boot the system, it asserts that all the file systems are clean, but subsequently running an fsck on /dev/ad8s1e (mounted as /var) detects errors. Even if this first check is run whilst the file system is mounted, and is hence run in NO WRITE mode, a second check doesn't find block errors. If I then unmount the file system and check the disk, it's fine, as indeed it is if I unmount, remount, then check. However, if I then reboot, the process repeats, and an fsck immediately after reboot will find errors again. If I bring the system up in single user mode, and run fsck either before or after mounting /var, it finds no errors.

Don't run fsck on mounted filesystems unless they're mounted read-only.

Although, it's possible I misunderstood your description of the problem.

Thanks Eric, Bill,

I must have misunderstood, I was under the impression that running fsck on a device with a mounted file system would scan, but not actaully write anything, hence its reporting 'NO WRITE'. I'll reread the fsck manpage.

Is running fsck -B /dev/ad8s1e safe, as I understand it, this creates a snapshot of the filesystem and scans that.



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