Hi Howard.

   Does u have some app like the one i want to?
   Could u explain me which software did u use to develop your app i will

   Thanks Howard for your time!!!

On 8/19/07, Howard Jones <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> perikillo wrote:
> >   Hi people.
> >
> >    Look we have some applications at work, that use scanners Manufacture
> by
> > Symbol. Those applications were created in Access, but i want to create
> > those app for a Web browser, my doubt is:
> >
> >    Does someone here has a app running from the browser that use bar
> code
> > scanners?
> >    Which languages did u use, python, php, other?
> >
> A lot of barcode scanners work by generating keycodes (either connected
> via an adaptor to the PS/2 connector, or USB) so they should work in
> anything really... the one we have at work certainly will just write
> into Notepad or whatever has keyboard focus when you hit the scanner's
> "Go" button.
> >    Did u have problems with fonts?
> >
> Huh? For reading barcodes?
> For printing them (or displaying in a webpage), there are a bunch of
> libraries around that generate images, a quick Google showed up:
>    for PHP: http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/package/2176.html
>    for command-line (anything):
> http://ar.linux.it/software/barcode/barcode.html
> Have fun!
> Howie
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