On 19/08/07, Erik Norgaard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Tomas wrote:
> > what size  should has the partion for boot?
> > my partion are
> > /,  200MB
> > swap/ 500MB
> > /var 200MB
> >  /usr hard disk rest
> So, you have home directories and /tmp on the same partition as /boot. A
> du -1 will show you where there may be stuff taking up space, ignore
> output for /usr and /var and start looking at the others. Delete
> everything in /tmp.

Maybe not, /home could be symlinked to
/usr/home.  Also, du -d1 -x will not descend
into other mountpoints.

I think one of the essential points we may be
missing is whether / has softupdates enabled
or not, as this can cause that behaviour.

Other potential areas of savings:  unused/unneeded
kernel modules, spurious settings in /etc/make.conf,
multiple obsolete kernel files, *.core files in the
teachers's lounge . . .

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