I see that if I want to do disk striping/ concating/ mirroring, FreeBSD offers the GEOM utilities and the Vinum LVM (which fits into the GEOM architecture). Why do we have two different ways of doing the same tasks -- any advantages/ disadvantages to either approach?

I did check the archives before posting this question. Got a couple of hits, but they seem to be old info. Hence this question.

The GEOM utilities seem to be newer, fancier, and probably the future. Vinum seems to be how things used to happen earlier. After GEOM was introduced, if Vinum had been discarded, I would have understood. But it wasn't. Instead, it was rewritten for GEOM and is probably still actively maintained. So I wonder why we have two ways of doing the same tasks ...

What I understand from the archives is that Vinum was _probably_ rewritten for GEOM coz the GEOM utilities were still new and not as time tested as Vinum. Is that the case? So will Vinum continue to be around for a while or it be discarded?

                                - Rakhesh
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