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As I said, we know and even newbies can learn, with considerate
explanitory responses, that no absolute date can realistically
be named - that there is justifiably more concern about quality
than making a particular 'release date'.   But some running info
on how it is going is helpful - actually reassuring, to those of
us out of the loop.  It needn't be anything elaborate.

Anyway, the important issue here is refusing to consider the effects
of the response when replying to a posted question, even when it is
a somewhat unenlightened question.

IMHO, I think it would be a benefit to the community if there were a page up on the FreeBSD website that explained the release process and at least some sort of clue as to what people can expect regarding the next coming release. As many long-time FreeBSDers know, there are these pages up there, but I don't feel their new-user friendly, and they certainly are a PITA to find at times.

I'm not suggesting we lay out a strict timeline, as I'd much prefer the releases when they're ready, but simply a page saying, 'Hey, FreeBSD x.y release is coming soon, we're currently working on 'blah.''

I'd even be willing to help out if needed.

Eric F Crist
Secure Computing Networks

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