,--[ On Mon, Aug 20, 2007 at 07:33:05AM -0500, Eric Crist wrote:
| Sorry to reply again so soon, but I failed to read through your  
| attachment before sending my previous message.  I notice that your  
| system seems to have crashed at least a few times during the loading  
| of PowerDNS.  Immediately before, there's a warning about the  
| variables in /etc/rc.conf:

Sometimes, it also crashed when I restarted 'avahi-daemon'.

| Aug 20 15:50:43 chatteau root: /etc/rc: WARNING: $pdnsd_enable is not  
| set properly - see rc.conf(5).

I've installed pdns and pdns-recursor, but I'm using pdns-recursor
only, and $pdnsd_enable is set to "no". And I'm running this setup since
June, 2007.

| Also,  have you tried booting with ACPI disabled?  I know there are  
| still some systems out there that don't quite work the way they ought  
| to.

No, I've not tried that. But, to me, it looks like filesystem is bad,
and some of the files in use by services like avahi, pdns are corrupt,
so thats why it is crashing. Is there any possiblity like such ?
Anyways, I'll boot with ACPI disabled, or even boot in single-user mode,
and repair my filesystem first.

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