Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 11:24:01 +0200
From: Branko Vukelic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: Adam J Richardson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
If you allow me, a BSD noob, to take part... ;)

I'd say FreeBSD is a wolf, and DesktopBSD is definitely a dog (as in
domesticated wolf). By taming the wolf for desktop use (I'm not going
into HOW that's possible) you get a system that is quite different
(like an Alaskan Malaute), but still a dog, whereas DesktopBSD is
still like a German Shepherd. I hope my approximation is about close?

As for other systems, yeah Windows is definitely a fish (if we're
talking pets), and I don't find it prudent to mention Linux here. It's
alien life form. :D

You forgot to CC the list, Branko. :)

[I wouldn't worry about noobishness. We're mostly noobs on this list anyway. There are a few gurus lurking in the shadows. As long as you show willingness to learn and don't expect others to do hold your hand while you cross the road, no one minds.]

Regarding the pets analogy, I was sort of thinking we could stay on Earth for now and leave aliens for weird future operating systems like LCARS. Perhaps Linux could be a venus fly trap, or possibly a ferret? A ferret would be good, since it's more like BSD than it is like Windows. And it's also very curious.

Adam J Richardson
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