At 12:37 PM 8/20/2007, Michael S wrote:
I reverted to the old /usr.
What I had done:
Initially I set up the newly installed drive (da2)
to have only one partition (da2s1d) which I chose to
be /user (note the e).
I tarred /usr to a file in /user
tar -cf /user/usr.tar /tar

and extracted the file
tar -xf usr.tar
I had the whole structure of /usr underneath /user/usr

And then
cd usr
mv * ..

to have everything under /user

Then I edited fstab. Whatever was /user became /usr
and /usr became /user.

I will definitely try dump. Never used it before.

Thanks a lot,


To use tar properly for this operation:
cd /usr
tar -cvf /user/usr.tar .
cd /user
tar -xvpf ./usr.tar

Then you can switch the mount points and all should work.


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