Quoting gimp_user: 
> I have made all repository paths owner:group www:www

Permissions for subversion have always gotten to me, too.  The way I
usually get around my headaches is to chmod -R 777 the subversion root
directory.  I have not found any fallbacks to a 777 setting, because you
are using either a AuthFile or AuthzSVNAccessFile, which designates
proper permissions.  (Please, anyone correct me if I am wrong on this.)

> 2. My AuthzSVNAccessFile
> AuthzSVNAccessFile /usr/local/etc/apache22/Authz_svnhome
> [/]
> * = r
> [/usr2/svnhome]
> * =r
> [project_meth: /usr2/svnhome/project_meth]
> david = rw
> test = r

I am going to assume `/usr/svnhome` is the directory where you have the
root SVN directory.  If I am right, your Authz file is wrong.  Here's
how it works:

Say my SVN root is in /usr/home/svn.  When I create the Authz file, and
I use [/], the Authz file sees /usr/home/svn as /.  Meaning, it doesn't
see anything above it.  (Think jail).

That said, the second directory entry in you Authz file
"[/usr2/svnhome]", unless it is a project inside your SVN, has to

Better explained?:  if you have this:  http://your.host.com/svn/usr2/svnhome , 
file is NOT wrong... If /usr2/svnhome is where your SVN root is, it IS

If I have completely misunderstood your file, and what you were aiming
to accomplish, I appologize -- but I remember this is how I
misunderstood it when I started using SVN.  

I hope this helps.

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