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> > If you allow me, a BSD noob, to take part... ;)
> >
> > I'd say FreeBSD is a wolf, and DesktopBSD is definitely a dog (as in
> > domesticated wolf). By taming the wolf for desktop use (I'm not going
> > into HOW that's possible) you get a system that is quite different
> > (like an Alaskan Malaute), but still a dog, whereas DesktopBSD is
> > still like a German Shepherd. I hope my approximation is about close?
> >
> > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaskan_malamute
> > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_shepherd
> >
> > As for other systems, yeah Windows is definitely a fish (if we're
> > talking pets), and I don't find it prudent to mention Linux here. It's
> > alien life form. :D
> You forgot to CC the list, Branko. :)

Oh, sorry. I'm using the GMail's webmail atm, until I get something
more decent. I keep forgetting the Reply All thingie. :p

> [I wouldn't worry about noobishness. We're mostly noobs on this list
> anyway. There are a few gurus lurking in the shadows. As long as you
> show willingness to learn and don't expect others to do hold your hand
> while you cross the road, no one minds.]
> Regarding the pets analogy, I was sort of thinking we could stay on
> Earth for now and leave aliens for weird future operating systems like
> LCARS. Perhaps Linux could be a venus fly trap, or possibly a ferret? A
> ferret would be good, since it's more like BSD than it is like Windows.
> And it's also very curious.

A ferret? :D Nice one!

A Windows is a dodo, then. :)


> Adam J Richardson

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