I have a directory /net/store. This directory is exported to all machines on my network.

I have a sub-directory /net/store/photos. That too is exported to all machines on my network.

What I want is that when I mount /net/store from another machine, the contents of /net/store/photos too be visible. Is there any way I can do that?

From the manpage and the handbook and Google etc I get the idea that it might not be possible. Still, asking just in case there are any round-about ways ... I would assume a scenario like this is common.

[I need /net/store/photos to be on a separate partition coz its encrypted and stuff. And I'd rather have it appear as part of the /net/store namespace ...]

Forgot to add: the two directories are imported "dynamically" on the client side. So I can't just make fstab entries on the client side to mount both points. I use AMD to mount /net/store when needed. And I can't for the life of me figure how to make it mount /net/store/photos too when needed -- I dont think that's possible(?) ...
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