I have a new system I am building.

Tyan S5197 MB with Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4ghz, 4GB RAM
Areca ARC-1231ML raid card. 5 320gb disks in a RAID6 with 1 320gb disk hot spare plus two 750gb in a raid1 mirror. Using the ARECA firmware, each raidset is subdivided into separate volumes that each appear to the OS as separate daN type disks.

I read through Google about various problems that the Areca driver had as well as on the Areca website FAQ (on FreeBSD)

I installed 6.2-RELEASE on this system. Under heavy IO load the system reboots itself. This happened both in trying to install the OS, and if I got that far, in trying to build cvsup tool or in building a new kernel. The machine could sit there idle for hours but you startup a large build and usually withing a few minutes or 10 minutes it would reboot itself. I tried installing the 6.2-STABLE snapshot (latest on in the downloads which is from June) but the whole system would lock up after a few minutes and I would get corruption on the console screen so I decided that was not a great plan. I also tried the 7-CURRENT as a test but that would not stay out of the kernel debugger.

So I went back to 6.2-STABLE. I installed it and then copied the areca kernel driver source arcmsr.c/.h from the 6.2-STABLE snapshot from June (latest snapshot I could find) and used it to rebuild the kernel. I was then able to build cvsup and do a cvsup to the latest -RELEASE code and was a significant way through a buildworld when it happened again and rebooted itself. So it appears the problem is not yet solved.

Is anyone out there running a form of 6.2 on an x64 type platform using an Areca controller? What is the latest 6.x compatible driver source for the Areca? I tried to copy the 7-CURRENT areca source back but it relies on the new CAM system and even if I added that option to my 6.2 there were a bunch of compilation errors that made it look like the 7.0-CURRENT IO or SCSI or whatever lower level it uses system has changed.

Any help in figuring out how to get this up and running without these reboots under load would be greatly appreciated.


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