Le 20/08/2007 à 16:04:15-0500, Jonathan Horne a écrit
> anyone running any SAS with FreeBSD?
> i have a client who is needing a new server, and everything in their 
> pricerange is comming with SAS now, instead of standard SCSI.  the company 
> president is an old timer, and only knows the word "SCSI"  :)
> other than telling him "well this is the new SCSI", i am wondering if anyone 
> else is successfully using this technology thus far.

SCSI --> /dev/null

The scsi standard is ... dead.

The remplacement of SCSI is SAS.

And with SAS you have same problem with SCSI. If on you server you have the
last super_top_new card you can have the problem with the driver.

But if you SAS card is in the supported card you don't have any problem. 

I run several server (Dell, HP) with SAS disk (with/without raid) and I
don't have any trouble.


Albert SHIH
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