I am encountering a bug with named-9.4.1-P1 that I am attempting to work with ISC on, that I have built from ports (dns/bind94). However, I need a non-stripped version of the binary to get a backtrace. I can't "roll my own" binary because it may be related to some way that the port is built so I need to maintain a similar build environment.

Is there some make.conf or compile time flag that I can set that would prevent the stripping from happening?

Or would I just have to manually edit the makefile someplace -- and if so, can anyone give a pointer as to where? Setting the strip command to /bin/true or something, perhaps -- but I can't be sure if the strip_command is being used.

I've found references in the porter's handbook that state all binaries should be stripped, but I think in cases like this it would be useful to give the user a universal option to not do so.



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