I'm in the process of doing something that is possibly a bit out of the
ordinary with VMware. I have two stand alone PCs connected to a catalyst 2900
doing 802.1q trunking. I can configure the VLAN interfaces on the stand alone
PCs, assign IP addresses, and communicate happily.

I then add a PC running VMware's free software offering, again set up the
ethernet for 802.1q, and load FreeBSD in to a VM. Like the stand alone
PCs, I can configure the vlan interface, attach it to the "hardware" interface
(lnc0), configure vlan interfaces, assign IPs, and life goes happily on.

However, what I want to do is add another VM to the network, which does not
support 802.1q natively, so thought I could create a host only network, add
the network to the FreeBSD machine and the new VM, and then bridge the VLAN
interface to the new network's "hardware" interface (lnc1).

To test connectivity, I initally assigned an IP to lnc1 of the FreeBSD system,
and an IP to the new VM's ethernet interface. The two systems communicated
fine, so far, so good.

I then rebooted both boxes, configured the "vlan100" interface with:

ifconfig vlan100 create vlan 100 vlandev lnc0
ifconfig vlan100 up

I then changed the mtu of lnc1 to match vlan100, and brought it up:

ifconfig lnc1 mtu 1496
ifconfig lnc1 up

I then created the bridge, and attached the interfaces:

ifconfig bridge0 create
ifconfig bridge0 addm vlan100 addm lnc1
ifconfig bridge0 inet netmask up

The stand alone hosts are and The other VM is

At this point, the FreeBSD system can not ping either the stand alone boxen,
nor the other VM. In playing with it, if I assign an IP address to vlan100,
I can reach the stand alone boxes, but not the other VM.

Running trafshow, I see broadcast ARP requests on bridge0, vlan100, and lnc1,
but no responses.

Any thoughts about what I can look at, or what additional information would be
handy? Quick ASCII art to help the discussion

   |           |            |         |
                        Linux Host/VMWare
                            | vlan100 via lnc0 (MTU 1492)
                         FreeBSD 6.2 VM     | bridge0
                            | lnc1 (MTU 1492)
                         Test Client VM
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