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I'm trying to set up an automated system wherein snapshots of the file system are taken prior to a backup run. The problem I'm running into can best be described by the following bug report:

I get this same problem completely at random, and thus is most likely caused by the busy file system, I just don't have anything in place to prove it as the bug submitter does.

Has this bug ever been *really* fixed? The bug report seems to try to call it fixed. I even contacted the bug reporter about this and he admitted that the bug had never been fixed, but that he'd moved on and never found a way around this. If the bug has never been fixed, has someone developed a work around? My primary goal is to make sure that I have a good backup of the databases running on our servers when we run a backup with Bacula. If there is a method other than snapshots to make absolutely sure that my databases are backed up correctly, I would consider that as well. Please help. My backup system is running perfectly except for this nagging sensation that my databases aren't being backed up correctly. Any assistance is appreciated.

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