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> On 8/22/07, Gabriel Linder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > During the build of the graphical portion of my new FreeBSD-powered
> > laptop I noticed that some knobs are not listed in /usr/ports/KNOBS
> > and so, I can't add them to make.conf before building the packages.
> >
> > When I run "make fetch-recursive" for fluxbox, I get :
> >
> > WITH_DEBUG=yes          Build with debugging symbols
> > WITH_DOCHTML=yes        Install the HTML documentation
> > WITH_DOCPDF=yes         Install the PDF documentation
> > WITH_GNOME=yes          Enable GNOME support
> > WITH_IMLIB2=yes         Enable Imlib2 (pixmap themes) support
> > [snip]
> >
> > and for libiconv :
> >
> > WITHOUT_EXTRA_ENCODINGS=yes     Disable extra character sets
> > WITH_EXTRA_PATCHES=yes          Apply extra patches (fixes cp932,
> > adds EUCJP-MS)
> >
> > GNOME and DEBUG are listed in /usr/ports/KNOBS, but IMLIB2 and
> > EXTRA_PATCHES are not... Is there a way to have the full list of
> > supported build options ? Or maybe I am wrong and these settings
> > are not supposed to be in make.conf but
> > in /var/db/ports/<portname>/options, if so please let me know :)
> My experience has shown that it's always best to look at the Makefile
> of any port you are about to install. That's the most reliable way to
> learn about the port and the knobs it supports. However, this can be
> rather tedious when installing something with a few hundred
> dependencies (like gnome), so I actually came up with a solution to
> speed things up.
> First of all, you should install portconf from ports-mgmt and use it
> to specify port-specific options. It's a much cleaner way of doing
> things than using if statements in make.conf. You can also easily
> transfer the configuration to other systems. In addition to
> port-specific options, you can use * to set global knobs. Here's the
> start of my ports.conf file just to give you an idea:
> *:                            WITHOUT_BDB                |\
>                               WITHOUT_DEBUG              |\
>                               WITHOUT_DEBUGGING          |\
>                               WITHOUT_IPV6               |\
>                               WITHOUT_NLS                |\
>                               WITHOUT_PROFILE            |\
>                               WITH_OPTIMIZED_CFLAGS      |\
>                               WITH_TTF_BYTECODE_ENABLED
> converters/libiconv:          WITHOUT_EXTRA_ENCODINGS
> lang/php5:                    WITHOUT_CGI                |\
>                               WITH_MULTIBYTE

I did not know this tool, thanks :)

> And so on... Now as far as actually discovering what knobs are
> available, I wrote a simple script to do this. The contents are below,
> save them as /usr/local/sbin/getknobs or something similar. The idea
> is this; when you are about to install a port, run getknobs from the
> port's directory. The script uses 'make missing' to determine all the
> other ports that are about to be installed, then goes through their
> port directories and searches all the files for WITH/WITHOUT_*
> patterns. You then get a nice print out of all the knobs that you can
> configure before running make install for the current port.
> Since this script is using make missing you will not get the knobs for
> ports that are already installed. The script was meant to be used from
> the very beginning (i.e. starting from a clean system), so that on
> each step you are only shown knobs for ports that aren't already
> configured. You can easily modify this behavior if you want. You may
> also need to adjust the regular expression used to find the knobs.

Wow, this is a great idea with a wonderful script. Thanks you !
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