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> Thanks.
> But the servers are dedicated servers rented from a datacenter.

Then get their tech support involved. See if they can log in on the console.

> I'm not sure if it hangs or panic. The provider just keep rebooting
> when we said servers not responding.

Which service doesn't respond anymore? Are you sure that the problem
isn't in the datacenter's hardware. e.g. faulty router or switch.

>  Will try to use mbmon. Is there any ports I can use to log what actually
> happened before it hangs or crashes?

Syslogd(8) from the base system can log to a syslogd on another machine.

Set the services that you use to log more than normal. That might make
it easier to catch the event that causes the problems.

Does it hang or does it crash? Those are different things.  If the
kernel panics, there's not a lot you can do remotely. Obviously it can't
log it to another machine. Enable crashdumps and analyze them as the
machine comes up.

I'm guessing a lot here because I don't know your setup. If you want
better help, provide more information.

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