Kris Kennaway wrote:

On Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 09:06:50PM +0800, amin wrote:
I have six servers running FreeBSD 6.2 and all of them have the same config.
My servers are configured to run as a socks5 proxy server.

Lately the servers are going down without any good reasons. How do I check
what are the errors or processes or the state of the server before it goes
down. All of them are running quite well without any reboots for the last
few weeks. My sysctl.conf is as follows:

You need to characterise "going down".  Is it panicking?  Is it
rebooting?  Is it hanging?

Consult the developers handbook for tips on how to obtain sufficient
debugging information to identify and debug a panic or hang.


I had the same issue, kernel panic and server reboot after "tuning" to high sysctl variable (like maxsockbuf, but others too)
but having only 1 GB of RAM.

Another rebooting problem was caused by running tcpdump on high used router.

Other problem can be caused by hardware problems (I had those too).

I disabled once creation of coredump by kernel, and I had problem (with 6.2), when an userland app crash, the kernel panicked because of that.

Last, some userland apps. can cause kernel panic and reboot.


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