On Thu, Aug 23, 2007 at 09:11:21AM -0400, fbsd2 wrote:
> It only takes 2-3 weeks after changing my email address I use on the list
> before I start receiving spam on the new email address.
> Other non-fbsd lists I belong to remove the posters email address before
> post gets sent to the list members.
> Why can't this list do the same thing so the posters email address don't
> show up in the archives on the news group servers where spammers harvest
> posters email address for targeting spam to?

Because then you would not be able to send your reply to the person asking a
question.  Keep in mind that many people who post here are *not* subscribed
to the list and therefore will not be able to read answers that only go to
the list.  Therefore their e-mail addresses need to be visible to everybody.

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Them how about changing usage rules that only subscribed
users can post and receive mail on this list.
That works for many other lists and stops the spam problem cold.

Really something has to be done to stop spam from this list.
Forcing people to subscribe to this list is not a show stopper
and is fast becoming the standard way other lists control spam email

Why should the subscribed members have to deal with spam just for the
connivance of people who are too lazy to subscribe?

This list admin needs to get their priorities straight.
Subscribed members protection comes before the lazy public.

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