fbsd2 wrote:
> It only takes 2-3 weeks after changing my email address I use on the list
> before I start receiving spam on the new email address.
> Other non-fbsd lists I belong to remove the posters email address before the
> post gets sent to the list members.
> Why can't this list do the same thing so the posters email address don't
> show up in the archives on the news group servers where spammers harvest the
> posters email address for targeting spam to?

Every message that comes through the list has the 'List-id:
<freebsd-questions.freebsd.org>' header.

If spam is a concern, you could always set up a dedicated list email
address and have your MUA delete anything to that address not containing
that header.

This would prevent people from replying to you directly, but they
wouldn't anyways if your email address wasn't listed in the first place.

Personally, the most infuriating spam I get is the 'Message delivery
failure' messages received en masse from poorly configured mail servers
when some spammer decides to use my address as the return-path.

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