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> > Sorry, I am pretty new with LDAP too :) I have no documentation beside
> > the one I found from Googling around.
> Hi Olivier,
> There are a few good books about LDAP out there, but most of them are
> quite old unfortunately. Anyhow, I found that reading "LDAP System
> Administration" by Gerald Carter from O'Reilly was a good help in
> understanding LDAP, deploying OpenLDAP and configuring applications to
> fetch data from the LDAP directory (i.e. sendmail, replace NIS, PAM,
> FTP, Apache, DNS, etc). Get more info at
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/ldapsa/index.html

I really recommend this book. Its initial chapters helped me get
openldap up and running just for a couple of hours.

Since I am also interested in programming and scripting with ldap I
also found helpful "Deploying OpenLDAP" by Tom Jackiewicz
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1590594134/105-1483603-1926857. It
contains a chapter discussing the LDAP APIs for a couple of languages.


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