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> It only takes 2-3 weeks after changing my email address I use on the list
> before I start receiving spam on the new email address.

Spammers have their robots harvest addresses from a number of sources,
including but not limited to web pages of all kinds and any and all
files accessible from malware infected hosts.

> Other non-fbsd lists I belong to remove the posters email address
> before the post gets sent to the list members.  Why can't this list
> do the same thing 

Seriously, I can see some logic in removing or obfuscating email
addresses in web accessible list archives, but making it hard to
impossible for other list subscribers to followup to poster would make
the freebsd mailing lists a lot less useful.

Making spammers fun to watch: Publish your list of known bad spamtrap
addresses, watch them use their harvested garbage to trigger their own
descent into the spamd tarpit.  Details via selected posts in my blog
(the blogspot.com ref in the signature).

Peter N. M. Hansteen, member of the first RFC 1149 implementation team
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"Remember to set the evil bit on all malicious network traffic"
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