Hi folks,

sorry if this has been asked before but how does one disable anti-aliasing in the www/mozilla port (mozilla 1.2.1)? I have upgraded from 1.1 to 1.2.1 via ports today only to find that the visual display is rather seriously broken; any font everywhere is anti-aliased, even the menus, dialog boxes etc. Even worse, the fonts look as if one has written them with a typewriter with an ink ribbon that's already far beyond its lifetime.
Why I'm asking here is because I've heard from a friend that Mozilla doesn't come that way per default and that it must be specifically built to provide full anti-aliasing everywhere (why one would want to do this eludes me, though.)
So is there any way to make the mozilla port 1.2.1 behave like 1.1? I.e., only use anti-aliasing for large fonts in the rendered html text? I'm using the new version for a mere 15 minutes now and I can alread feel a headache coming in from having to look at that mess (even worse because I also use mozilla for mail.)

Matthias Buelow

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