On Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 09:33:50PM +0300, Ovi wrote:

> >Consult the developers handbook for tips on how to obtain sufficient
> >debugging information to identify and debug a panic or hang.
> >
> >Kris
> >
> I had the same issue, kernel panic and server reboot after "tuning" to 
> high sysctl variable (like maxsockbuf, but others too)
> but having only 1 GB of RAM.

It's possible you tuned it incorrectly.  

> Another rebooting problem was caused by running tcpdump on high used router.
> Other problem can be caused by hardware problems (I had those too).
> I disabled once creation of coredump by kernel, and I had problem (with 
> 6.2), when an userland app crash, the kernel panicked because of that.
> Last, some userland apps. can cause kernel panic and reboot.

Neither of those two things should happen.

When you encounter panics, you need to report them.

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