I'm trying to install WebGUI on a FreeBSD system for my church.
WebGUI uses PERL for its operation.  The program has a test
environment perl script that it tries to run to make sure the
environment can run WebGUI.  On a couple of the perl modules it tries
to install, it bails saying that "make" is no good.

I'm guessing this is because perl is expecting GNU make not BSD make,
and since it's looks for /usr/bin/make, I'm sure it's getting the
wrong version.  I'm pretty much a perl neophyte, having written only
one perl script in my life and that was so pitifully little that it
really wasn't worthy of being called a script; I do not know how to
fix this.  How does one fix the configuration of perl (if this is even
the problem, I'm going to try and see if this is something WebGUI is
trying to use).

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