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> Would it 
>       be possible to filter on both the ^Subject: "A friend has sent you
>       a Greeting card!" as well as the body? HTML or plaintext?  As
>       soon as I see one (usually different) spam I know there well be
>       several other similar or identical messages.  How difficult would
>       it be to flag spam on "you"  "sent" "greeting card", for example?
>       Plus the hundreds of variations on "Are  you enough of a man?"
>       and the ones for some kind of pills?  Or home loans at 5.1%!!!
>       (*mumble*) 

Hi Gary et al,
rather than filtering on one by one basis, why not just setup your mail server
to do the whole job for you, using spamassassin (or your other anti-spam
software), with dynamic filters ( like razor and DCC (i think it's called) ). I
have (cheking...) about 7 *active* email address in my mail client, subscribed
to many mailing lists (12 of those @freebsd.org). Some of those email addresses
are used in contact details of many domain registrations.

 All of them behind similarly configured servers. I have all the spam tagged
and moved to Trash on sight. Out of all the email I receive (which usually is
several hundred / day), I may have to manually delete 10 spam , uncaught emails
(all up). I haven't so far found out about a false positive in several years
of using this setup. 

I may be lucky enough that I have a couple of
Mbps of bandwidth @ home to handle my email load, but none of the tools I use
are commercial, and they are VERY well documented. 

BTW, that ratio is far smaller than the amount of tree-based spam I get on my
home mailbox each day. 

I also have a catch-all email address to see what comes my way - i see higher
number of uncaught spam there (which then goes to feed my Bayes filters), so i
doubt that blaming @freebsd.org servers has anything to do with receiving more

In summary, the trick as always is to properly use the tools at hand.

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