Peter Pluta wrote:

Peter Pluta wrote:
I installed memcached and since it doesn't have a config file I entered
the flags into rc.conf, but when I start it with the rc.d scripts, it
always runs as nobody, instead of the user I specified with -u <user>. The
man page says "only when run as root". This confuses me somewhat because
i'm executing the rc.d script as root, yet it still starts as nobody. I
can manually start memcached with "memcached -u memcached -l -p
11211 -m 32 -P /var/run/memcached/".
/etc/rc.conf bit:
memcached_flags='-u memcached -d -l -m 32 -P
/var/run/ -p 1121'

Nvm, I had to take a look at the rc script to see that there was another
directive (memcached_user="")

This is because memcached_user is checked by it's rc.d script and defaults to "nobody". Thus, when memcached is started from the script, without memcached_user set, it will be run as nobody, not as root, and it won't be able to switch to another user by itself.

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