I found an issue for a long time.
    For test requirement without any switch/hub:
    One host has two NICs and with the same subnet setting.
    (direct connect peer)
    (direct connect peer)
    ping command: #ping -c 5 -S

    In Linux, while I assign source interface and IP address,
    ex. ping -I eth0  ......packet will be sent by NIC1
        ping -I eth1  ......packet will be sent by NIC2

    In BSD, while I assign source interface/IP address, packet always
    be sent by NIC1.  The NIC2 looks like dead.  Until I set 
    "#ifconfig eth0 down" and NIC2 would be got up. 
    So the ping command parameter "-S" would be broke down in this case.  

    The packets format maybe is correct but NIC2 couldn't work.
    If this is NOT a BUG, please tell me BSD is followed which standard?
    Or what the purpose of BSD to define this behavior?

Thanks & Regards
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