On 8/24/07, Nikola Lecic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Aug 2007 20:40:32 -0600
> (3) Maybe you should consider using another CMS software, there is a
>     lot of choice, including Perl-based if you prefer that. The most
>     important thing is that they are truly ported, so you have just to
>     type 'make install' to get running (and optimised) FreeBSD version.

Thank you for the great notes!  I'm not necessarily hung up on WebGUI.
 That was a flashy system that appealed to others in the church and
was just their first choice.  I do not believe they would be of the
mind set "WebGUI or nothing!" so what other choices are there?  Your
point above makes me think there are ported CMS packages within the
ports collection?  Is this true?  If so, are they comparable to WebGUI
in capability?

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