At 06:46 AM 8/24/2007, Michael S wrote:
Good day all,

I installed Gnome a few days ago and everything had
been fine up until last night. I shutdown the computer
using  a Gnome menu (and not shutdown -p now) and upon
restart one of my drives (the one mapped to /home)
wasn't working. After I did get it to work and able to
return to using GNOME, but when I login using GDM, I
don't see the desktop pager and the windows don't have
any decorations (e.g. borders, close/minimize
buttons). I am not an expert, but looks like the
window manager got corrupted by that improper
Anyone had similar experiences? Any ideas how to
rectify this?

Thanks in advance,

Sounds like your drive may be having issues. I would reboot in single user mode and fsck the drive. You may also want to try the drive manufacturer's diagnostic utility.


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