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This is also a reply to Paul Schmehl.

I've got Postfix with Dovecot and virtual users setup.  What I'm looking
for is some filtering based on the flags SpamAssassin sets, so that I
can route any messages tagged as Spam to a Spam directory with a users
maildir.  I've done a ton of searches, etc, and I can't seem to figure
this one out.  Also, I'm having a hard time (partially due to lack of
effort, I'm guessing), getting DKIM/DomainKeys setup for my domains
within Postfix.

Same setup here basically: Dovecot, Postfix, SA, clamav, postgrey and

i use procmail to filter things. it works well and was easy to integrate.
I never played with DKIM though.

I must say that most of the spam that does come in I never see in a spam
folder. its too high on the scores to even get delivered

if you havent played with postgrey yet, give it a whirl. it works wonders.

You may also want to consider using policyd-weight (/usr/ports/mail/postfix-policyd-weight). A mail server I maintain is rejecting about 80% of the mail through policyd-weight before it ever reaches postfix (no false positives.)

You should be able to use dkfilter to handle domain keys:
/usr/ports]# make search name=dkfilter
Port:   dkfilter-0.11
Path:   /usr/ports/mail/dkfilter
Info:   Domainkeys filter for Postfix

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