I have a Dell 2950 where my 7-CURRENT amd64 FreeBSD does not see all visible 
memory. It has 4 GB of physical RAM. dmesg on boot includes:

usable memory = 4280811520 (4082 MB)
avail memory  = 4117716992 (3926 MB)

Yet summing memories visible in top yields ~ 2100 MB.

Of note is that I have 6.2/amd64 on several other 2950:s with 4GB of RAM which 
say on boot:

real memory  = 5100273664 (4864 MB)
avail memory = 4122443776 (3931 MB)

But has all 4 GB visible in top.

Unfortunately I failed to notice this until after the machine has begun being 
used, so I have limited possibilities for rebooting/mucking with BIOS 
settings. I was hoping someone could suggest something right off the bat.

In addition on the problem machine the following sysctl values are present:

hw.physmem: 4280811520
hw.usermem: 3628220416
hw.realmem: 5100273664
hw.cbb.start_memory: 2281701376
hw.pci.host_mem_start: 2147483648

With hw.usermem being slightly higher (but not 2 GB higher) on the 6.2 system 
without a problem:

hw.physmem: 4283285504
hw.usermem: 3998797824
hw.realmem: 5100273664
hw.cbb.start_memory: 2281701376
hw.pci.host_mem_start: 2147483648

I was under the impression that memory visibility issues were a thing of the 
past on amd64. Any insight?


/ Peter Schuller

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