> Basically, what you (and others as well) are suggesting is that
> the list maintainers do double the work so that you don't have
> to bother with spam filtering.

Actually, the list maintainer has already done something to prevent spam
harvesting -- something I didn't see mentioned in this 'thread' (and if
it was mentioned, I appologize.)

When you subscribe to (some) mailing lists, there is an option "Conceal
yourself from subscriber list?"  Not as powerful as filters, I agree, but
it is a small thing that helps to combat spam.   

Also, earlier in this thread, someone mentioned about using a gmail
account for mailing lists.  I think it's a great idea, because that is
the approach I've taken.  The only problem I face with GMail, is some
messages sent to mailing lists get marked as spam -- rarely.  Within the
past 3 months, I've received 1 actual spam message.  And that is without
any extra filters, other than sorting mail by label.
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