> intel 3945 wireless
> ati x1300 graphics

I have the intel 3945 on my Sony laptop. Works for me with
Damien Bergamini driver 20070121-wpi-freebsd.tar.gz and
FreeBSD-6.2-RELEASE. There are a lot of error messages but it works
nonetheless. However i suspect that it produces memory corruption in
conjunction with the display card, which freezes from time to time
when the 3945 is activated and i am running X. I have never seen a crash
when the 3945 is shut down or i am running on console. The most recent
driver by B. Close is
but it works only with FreeBSD-7 so i cannot test it. I have tested
other B. Close drivers, none worked.

As for the video, an Intel card is highly recommended, it works very
well on laptops and is sufficiently powerful to run things like compiz.
There are very good available video modes on console, contrary to many
other models. 


Michel TALON

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