Zbigniew Szalbot writes:

>  I am going to get a UPS device for my home freebsd gateway/router
>  and wonder if there is anything that you would recommend? At work
>  I use APC units and there is a dedicated software to manage it
>  (apcupsd). Not sure if that's the case with other manufacturers?
>  I'd like to get something that could be managed by software and
>  at the some time not too expensive... you know home
>  budget...erm...

        Assuming the manufacturer does not provide a program - and few
do - the preferred software for APC (and compatible) units is
"apcupsd"; for others, it seems to be "nut" (sysutils/nut).
Check carefully to make sure it works with your UPS.

                                        Robert Huff

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