> Hello...
> I've got a strange trouble...
> FreeBSD 6.2 amd64 as nat-router:
> rl0 -> ISP
> fxp0 -> My Internal Net
> natd/ng_nat
> ipfw: allow all from any to any
> WinXP client machines work fine behind nat, but WinVista, FreeBSD (5.5/6.2) 
> clients don't.
> It's very strange but it's unable to establish any TCP internet connection 
> from non WinXP host. ICMP and UDP packets flows normally.
> For example, I can ping host ya.ru, get DNS-reply from internet servers, play 
> games via UDP, but i can't view web pages, open shh session and just can't 
> "telnet" to any port!!!!
> Traffic from/to my net is not filtering by firewalls at all. I've tested it 
> with natd ang ng_nat - there's no difference! I've tried to solve this 
> problem during last week =( Unfortunately, i can't. Now i'm going to try 
> using pf or ipfilter instead of ipfw or ever reinstall server OS and may be 
> change freebsd architecture to i386.
> Any ideas ?

Could be TCP window scaling. See

Or the plain old PMTUD problem described in

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