Dear ALL,
After reading 120 pages of Open Sound System manual (the one compiled from ports) and playing with my audio card for almost a week. I came to a conclusion that my present audio card Audiology SE is not fully supported (duplex mode) even with the OSS compiled from ports. (Or I am just dumb to set it properly). Hence, I can not use VoIP which is really important to me.

So I would like to get a recommendation for a sound card. In particular, I would like to get a recommendation from people running fully functional VoIP (Skype or SIP) using the sound cards fully recognized by FreeBSD available drivers (I do not want to mess any more with
OSS from ports).

The easiest thing for me would be to buy probably Sound Blaster Live ($30) but I over heard that Creative has change the chip set and that the kernel has troubles with new chip even without duplex mode. I hope that this is a wrong information.

If you are using VoIP would you be so kind to tell me your audio card, the driver you use and possibly set up (at least if you are using 6.2 Stable or 7.0 Current and if you are using generic kernel and loading drivers, or what kind of custom kernel should I built)

Thanks a lot

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