Hi everybody,

I had posted about my problems with PPPoE stalling a few days ago and the reply to this post got me started on a couple of things. I have lowered the MTU and MRU settings and made sure that the MSS fixup is enabled. Interestingly, the MSS fixup seems to miss some packets (specifically, those which go into a queue before being sent out), so that some still go out onto the network with a too high MSS value. I noticed, that my connection hangs right after such a packet has gone out.

Now, I applied the registry changes proposed in the PPP FAQ to the Windows clients which use my FreeBSD box as a NAT gateway and I am absolutely positive, that no packet with an MSS greater than 1396 goes out through PPPoE any more, so the MSS issue should be resolved now.

However, my problem has not gone away. In fact, it has gotten worse. The connection still just hangs after a random amount of time, if it is being used heavily (large downloads or lots of socket connections within a short amount of tim). Packets are reported to be going out, but there is absolutely no traffic coming in (be it TCP, UDP oder ICMP - not a single packet). This happens more often now.

When the connection hangs, PPP's command prompt on the diagnostic socket is still "PPP", as if it were connected. When I attempt to disconnect, it hangs for up to a few minutes at "PPp" and, once it has finally disconnected to "ppp" and I attempt to re-connect, will take another couple of minutes before finally changing from "ppp" to "Ppp" and then rapidly to "PPp" and "PPP". There is no indication of what is wrong, even if I set the log level to "+debug".

Thanks for reading through my problem description. Any clues, ideas or tips are greately appreciated.

Bartosz Fabianowski

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