This is for anybody struggling with FreeBSD who might need some encouragement.

I wanted to install nxserver from There is a port of the 
sources, along with an open-source implementation of the rest of it.

I have been trying to make the &^^%$!!! thing work for [pick a big number. . . 
any BIG number] of days, and I just couldn't figure out what the double 
hockey-sticks was going wrong.

I tried both the ports and the package installs, but I screwed up the 
configuration BIG-TIME!

I finally decided I had learned too much, and was trying too hard.  I decided 
one more try . . . after all, I'm eventually going to move this installation 
over to my primary computer and dump windows - - except as a program that runs 
under FBSD - - and I won't even need it.

I gave it one more chance, after hunting down and eliminating every single 
reference to nxserver, both on my Winblow$ machine and on the FBSD box.

I did an install, and then I just fired up the client on Winblow$.  First time, 
it didn't connect, but I don't recall why just now.  (I'm two beers into it, 
and I don't really care why!), but I fixed it, and  IT WORKS!

I am so excited!  Jeez, you'd think I won the Powerball drawing!

But to anybody who's struggling, keep struggling.  The pay-off is HUMONGUS, in 
terms of the great feeling of satisfaction you get when something really 

I'm going to try to look at what notes I took (when I sober up), so I can 
document it and be able to help somebody else.  

For right now, WHOO-HOOO!
I'm gonna open another Bud Lite!

Hang in there!

P.S.  I think you probably gotta have a healthy dose of "nerd" to keep trying . 
. .that, or OCD.

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