I am installing a FreeBSD distribution for the first time.
My current system runs Windows 98 from a single partition 4GB hard drive.
I intend to make my system dual boot Windows and FreeBSD.
I have shrunk the existing partition to around 3GB using Partition Magic and left just over 1GB for FreeBSD.
The documentation suggests that around 100MB is sufficient for a minimal installation with more required if you want other utilities like a graphical interface.

I have experimented with various sizes when partitioning the FreeBSD slice.
I started by using the Auto defaults which allocated 128MB for the / file system, over 400MB for swap space (based on my 256MB real memory?!), some other large allocations for the /var, and /tmp file systems, leaving only just over 80MB for /usr.

I have also tried manually allocating 150MB for root, 50MB for swap, 100MB for /var, 100MB for /tmp and the remaining 600MB for /usr.

I tried installing various canned distributions using these different space allocations.
I started with 'All' files and worked my way down to 'minimal' installation.
The source of the distributions was a CD-ROM burned from a downloaded copy of disc1.iso.

Every attempt started by 'Extracting bin into / directory' and then gave the error message...

Write failed on transfer! (wrote -1 bytes of 240640 bytes)
/kernel : pid 254 (cpio), uid 0 on /usr : file system full.

Only the 'minimal' distribution completed, though it did report some file system full messages, but at least it allowed me to boot FreeBSD 4.7R.
Every other attempt to install a larger distribution failed.

I want to install at least an 'average user' distribution including X Windows.

I would like to understand the following points...

Is 1GB of disk space enough to install FreeBSD?
If so, what type of canned distribution should fit in 1GB of disk space?
How should the slice be partitioned into file systems and swap space given that I will be running in single user mode?

Apologies for the length of this mail but I was advised to give as much context as possible when posting messages.

Thanks in advance for any advice which will help me get a clean installation.

I would like to understand the following points...

What flavour of the canned distributions should I be able to fit into 1GB of disk space?
Is 1GB eno

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